Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Fun!

WOW! What a great weekend! It was so fun and jam packed I had to make 3 post today so, keep on looking. We spent the weekend at Papa Doug's cabin with our camper. We had a great weather, the sun was shining and only a little bit of rain one evening.  The kids did lots of fishing, swimming and paying in the sand with their cousins.  Here are some of my favorite pics that I took over the weekend.

Having fun with the cousins!

Cousins, cousins and more cousins!
My cousin Leah came home for a few weeks this summer. She brought her family with her. They stayed at her parents house on the Mississippi River and since we have not seen them in 2 years she invited some cousins to a little family gathering. (she invited us 2 years ago and had a blast) She not only invited her dad's side of cousins but her mothers side of cousins too!  Braden and Ava had a blast playing with their cousins and new cousins. Braden was in his glory play ball, riding bikes, swimming, and just running with all of the boys.  Ava love playing with the girls too. But she took a little longer than normal to adjust to so many people. A scavenger hunt was even created for the little ones. It was a good day and fun was had by all.  Hopefully next time we gather more of the cousins who could not be there will be there again!

Happy Birthday Braden!

Happy 7th Birthday Braden!
All Braden want for his birthday was to spend the day at the cabin and for his cousin Eric to be there too. Well we were unable to get Eric there but we did manage to take his birthday off and head to the cabin the night before.  He had a blast had all day. From fishing, to swimming and playing with his sister and cleaning out the paddle boat. He opened up Ava's gift right way in the day. After lunch he could not wait anymore he open his gift from J and I. He had pizza for supper and cake later when the Grosz's show up at dusk and was able to use the sparklers. I would say that was a great 7th Birthday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun!

Here are some photos I took today at South Twin Lake. The Offerdahl's from Florida and Grandpa Fox rented a cabin On South Twin Lake for the week. They invited us and Griffin's family to join them for the day.  The weather was great! The kids had a blast swimming and playing bean bag toss game. Most of the day the kids spent swimming in the water. The lake is vary shallow and sandy. The kids had a blast!

Brianna, Tim and Ava having fun in the water.
Braden being silly!

Braden and Ava playing bean bag toss game.
Jason, Barry and Heather enjoying the summer sun.
Braden and Trysten looking for creatures in the lake.
All of the kids enjoying the lake. The are at the end of a 30ft dock and it is less than 2 feet deep.
Here is Tim and Trysten playing against Braden and Brianna. While in the back ground all of the men sitting in the shade of the cabin. Taking a break from the sun.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ava 4th Birthday!

For Ava's 4th Birthday she wanted to have a big party at the park. Last year we went to Taylor's Birthday Party here at University Park in Grand Forks and had a blast. So we decided to have it there since we would be in town for Tyler and April's wedding.  It was a hot day outside and the kids had a blast in the water park area while all of the adults visited in the shade.
Ava and Halle are going through the rainbow sprinkler.

Ava is showing Grandma Hattie and Nicky what she got for a gift, as Braden watches in the background.
Here is Braden sitting on a sprinkler cooling his bottom off. Yes he is wearing his clothes. I forgot to make sure he packed his trunks before we left home. And in North Dakota the store are not open before NOON on Sundays! Needless to say we did not have time to shop for another one for him. As you can see he did not mind.
Here is the Birthday girl with all smiles! She is showing off her new swimsuit.
Here we are tying to light Ava's candles on the cake.
I had to shield the wind from blowing out the candles.
Macy, Taylor, Halle and Ava stopping for just a minute to get their photo taken.
Here are some of the adults sitting the shade and enjoying the nice weather.

Wedding Fun!

Jason's cousin Tyler got married this past Saturday so, we made the drive over to Grand Forks for the big celebration.  It was such a pretty wedding and reception. Our kids had a blast dancing and visiting with all of their cousins. Here are some great photos I took of them dancing and caring on.
Halle and Ava posing so nicely for the photo. Don't they have pretty dress on?
Braden is busy trying not to look at me while Jason and Ava dances.
Auntie LaVonne and Bralynn dancing too.
Another photo of Braden trying to hide from the camera again.
Kylee and Macy doing the hokey poke.
Here is Ava dancing all by herself and not caring who is watching. Bralynn is dancing and enjoying herself.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday June 17th

Here is Ava and I planting flowers in our new garden. Jason dug up all of the sod and planted a tree for us and he even put brick around the edge of the garden for us.

He is Jason working hard for Ava and I to be able to plant some flowers and hopefully this fall some shrubs. Our yard is very large and blan. This will hopefully help it look some what nice. We would also like to do another garden like this on the other side of the driveway.  Maybe this fall when we get our shurbs we will have time to do this again.